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We can list various reasons why renting a property is the best option to have a great holiday in France. One reason is that by living in a typical French house you can learn more about the country culture. Be it an apartment in Paris or a cottage in the Alps, the French style will be present in the architecture, decoration and gardening. Furthermore, the rental properties have a great location not only in the city but also in the countryside, nearby malls, museums, interesting and striking places, so you can enjoy strolls and walks at any time.

Another advantage is that a property offers comfort. On the one hand, hotels and apart hotels tend to have a less original style, since in most cases they belong to a hotel chain. Or those with a proper French style do not give the idea of intimacy and warmness typical of a house. Besides, hotels generally have strict rules as regards timetables for eating and visits, and they also have small rooms –or in case they do offer big rooms, they are very expensive. In this sense, the best option is to rent a house, since they are bigger and more economic, even if they are Parisian apartments. These are prepared to make your stay as good as possible. They are furnished in such a nice way (classic, rustic, or modern), and equipped with all the necessary utensils, electrical appliances and facilities to live comfortably. Thus, renting an apartment or a house is ideal for families, friends, students or business people.

If you rent a place in France, you will enjoy comfort and freedom to eat at any time, cook, have visitors, go out and in at any moment and keep a quiet and private environment. In many cases, rental agencies offer cleaning services, for those tourists who want to enjoy this typical hotel service. Besides houses, apartments, studios, cottages, farms and villas, agencies also offer Bed & Breakfast service, which consists of giving accommodation to the travelers at French homes. It includes bed and the typical French breakfast, as its name suggests. Bed & Breakfast option is a mixture of the benefits from a house and a hotel, and it is a way for tourists to learn the customs of the country.

On the other hand, by renting a house while on vacations in France you can reduce stay and food expenses. The prices of the house rentals vary according to the type, amenities and location of the place. There is a great variety of options for every type of budgets and preferences, so that France can be accessible to everyone. Those who travel in groups and want to enjoy up to the most an economical stay, they can take advantages of the benefits of a house, sharing the rent expenses. Besides, since eating out every day can be very expensive, it is a good idea to have a place where to cook, especially if it is a big family or if you want to enjoy the quietness of a house.

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